Who We Are?

Our Mission

Hello and welcome to Sumatra! I am your  Tour guide Yoni Ade Saputra. 

Me and my friends will make sure to show you best of Sumatra.  I grew up here, I know every place and corner, countless stories and local people. I love hiking and exploring, swimming with turtles and spending night on beach with guitar. 

ade the tour guide west sumatra

Extraordinary Experiences

Sumatra is still untouched, authentic and wild.

Lets go on trip together, explore jungle with wide diversity of flora and fauna. Hike up to the Merapi mountain, visit countless waterfalls. Join the tribal people of Mentawai or go surfing at world class waves. Or just lay back and enjoy sun in one of the many islands by the coast of Sumatra. 

Our Core Values

We take highest pride to always bring best experience for our guests.

  • Supporting locals
  • Polite, friendly and honest
  • Respect Nature