8 Day Ketambe Trekking and Lake Toba, Samosir, Orangutan. 8 days/7 nights.


Experience  the beauty of nature and wildlife in Sumatra and around. Get to know authentic Batak culture. 8 day travelling tour in Sumatra are tailor made for your authentic experience. Multiple day trekking tours with overnight camping in the Ketambe jungle allows to spend more time in jungle and increase chances to  see wildlife. We will haev chance to see  orangutan in their natural habitat, endemic gibbons of Sumatra, jungle frogs, colourful birds and many more species.

After rough trekking in the jungle you will deserve peaceful rest of the day in Samosir, Toba lake( Danau Toba). Experience fascinating ancient Batak culture mixed with scenic views over Lake Toba.

Day 1: Arrival to Kualanamu intl Airport, Medan city and transfer to Kutacane,

– A day before the trekking in jungle starts. Guide will come and pick you up at the airport or hotel/hostel. We will then together travel to Ketambe (6 hour drive to Kutacane, Ketambe)

– On arrival in Kutacane, Ketambe, check in to our guesthouse and overnight in Kutacane, Ketambe.

Day 2: Ketambe rainforest trekking orangutan area and trails.  

– After breakfast at the guest house, we will start our journey trekking in Ketambe jungle area. Crossing deep jungle, exploring the wildlife of Sumatra such as  Orangutans, Thomas Leaf mokeys, Black Gibbons, Masques, lizards, Siamang, birds (Hombil) snakes and many others.

– Lunch will be provided provide in jungle, ( we will have brief stop and make it in  hut on the trek). There will be a maximum of 3 hours trekking before lunch.

– After lunch continue will continue trekking for another 1-2 hours on the jungle paths.

– Before Sunset we will build hut ( overnight at camp) next to a river .You can take a
refreshing bath in the river, try to catch fish or explore surrounding area. Overnight in the jungle.

DAY 3 : Rainforest trekking, elephant are, waterfall and hot springs.

– After breakfast we will be trekking up hill stream of Gurah river towards the waterfall. Once reaching the waterfall we will have some water activities. And picture taking. 

– We will continue trekking deeper in the jungle and explore its wildlife. Arrival to elephant area and our deepest point in the jungle on this journey, with a little luck we might see some elephants.

– Lunch will be provide in the jungle. We cook in traditional way  and serve local fresh products. 

– Continuing trek to the unique hot springs located in the middle of the jungle. Enjoy refreshing shower in the warm hot spring water. Relax your muscle and body from hiking. 

– Dinner and overnight at camp close to the hot springs. 

DAY 4 : Trekking back and leaving out the Jungle ( Returning back to 
the guest house)
– Breakfast at the camp. explore surroundings and wake up with birds. After breakfast, in the morning we will be trekking back and leaving out jungle. Going back to Ketambe.

– Arrive at guest house, take a rest and lunch. Free time. Sepnd night in Ketambe guesthouse.

DAY 5 : Transfer  from Ketambe to Parapat city and Toba Lake Samosir. 

– Breakfast an transfer from Ketambe to Parapat city. Once arriving in Parapat we will take ferry crossing Samosir: Excursion to Lake Toba by ferry boat.

– Getting on Samosir island. Once in Samosir we will be visiting through to Tuk Tuk Village and staying a night in Tuk Tuk Village. 

– Free time, explore surroundings on your own, go for first swim in Lake Toba, meet with locals. 

DAY 6-7 : Explore Samosir Island , Toba lake and Batak culture.  

– Enjoy the days in Samosir with majestic views Toba lake. Explore several interesting Batak culture traditional villages:

Tomok : To see the old Tomb of Sidabutar Kings.

Ambarita : To see stone chair and table stone the execution
places of Sialagan King 

– Proceed at local restaurant with typical Batak dishes such as curry, fish, vegetables. Visiting Batak traditional market and continuing to Batak’s museum

– The rest is your own program, you can take a beautiful walk or ride a bicycle tour around (optional) or rent a motorbike to do even more exploration. 

– During trip in Samosir, Toba lake ( Batak culture ) we will stay at TUK-TUK village

DAY 8 : Leaving Samosir  Island, Back to Medan Airport or City of Medan.

– In the morning leaving Samosir Toba lake to Parapat by boat ferry ( 45 minute )

– Transfer to Medan airport or city of Medan. IF your journey continues in Indonesia 

– Lunch will be provide on the way to medan we will visit local restaurant to try traditional cuisine. 


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Parapat ferry transfer

Ferry boat connecting Parapat and Samosir. 

batak house

Batak village. Explore how people live, stunning architecture and house decorations.

lake toba

Lake Toba offers scenic views. Image by: North Abroad

batak culture