Hello Traveler, Welcome to Sumatra

welcome to sumatra

Welcome to Sumatra ( Sumatera in Indonesian) Land of wonders.

This page is created to help everyone to discover nature wonders off the Indonesian island Sumatra. Look for tips and articles in our coming blog posts were we describe sights, culture, and news in detail for everyone.

Or join one of our tours organised by local tour guides. Tour guides can and will also modify your tour to your liking, if the Sumatra is just one stop for you to really know Indonesia, message us and let’s see how we can help you to know more about rest of the country.

We know the most about West Sumatra, especially about Padang and Mentawai islands. But hey Indonesia is my home and i speak the local language and have friends in every province so fear no more I will be your ultimate tour guide.

Arrange activities that are family friendly or adventures for true backpackers, we can help you with all. Indonesia and Sumatra offers wide range of activity spectrum – Mountains , waterfalls, islands, beaches, jungle, wild life, rivers culture, food , people, the list can go on and on.

Let me know what is that you would like to know about Sumatra or Indonesia and how can We help:)

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